Coming Soon

A fresh start! 

We are getting ready to re-launch our retail broker business, complete with a new journey ahead, new brand and an updated strategy to meet the current and future challenges, in delivering the worlds best online on- and off-ramp to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.
Having had some time away working with other blockchain projects, has given me a lot of new energy to go forward and re-boot our business. If you are in the market for larger trades, or have any questions or need advice, please feel free to give me a call or send be an email, via the details below.
Fredrik Grothe-Eberhardt

Co-founder and CEO

Building a new and more robust platform for our re-launch, has been and is my current focus. Building on all the learnings for WeMoveCoins, the new system is going to be faster, more reliant and even more convenient for our customers.
Thorkild Grothe-Møller

Co-founder and CTO

Our flagship global brand, that have seen its fair share of action since inception. Unfortunately, the site had to close, due to the company having funds frozen with its pyyments partner. No clients lost funds in the process. From the ashes back into the fire; we are excited to kick this brand back to life.

Our danish national outlet, serving our home market. Enabling our countrymen and woman, to get into crypto was the original mission for our efforts. We look forward to launching an updated version of this site.

Our temporary home is being transformed into a permanent settlement.