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Monni ApS is the leading international broker for buying and selling cryptocurrencies. We want to be the preferred trading platform for people around the world, either though one of our inhouse brands,, or though our API and whitelabel solution. As a potential shareholder, you’ll buy into our vision and become an important part of the company’s journey.

Loan Agreements – Get up to 15% in yearly return

Why keep your money in a bank account, where fees and inflation eat them up, when you can lend them for a considerable profit? Our loans agreements are structured around favorable interest rates, striking a good balance risk-to-reward ratio. Regardless of the currency you want to make the loan agreement in, completing a loan is very easy. You simply choose your preferred lending currency and position to initiate an informal investment dialogue with us.


The global market for trading digital currencies is growing at an unprecedented pace as everybody’s eager to get a piece of the pie. As a regulated entity Monni ApS, the company that, and is growing. We are currently looking to band with intelligent and engaged investors, to help us on the short as well as the long term. 


Our business model is fairly simple: we purchase digital currencies from an international cryptocurrency exchange and resell it to customers for a commission. Most of our customers pay by credit card or bank transfer and receive their currency instantly in their wallet. However, it takes a while for their payments to arrive in our account, which leaves us with the issue of bridging this funding gap – and that’s where you come in.


As a potential investor, we’ve cleared two tracks for you to follow.
You can either lend our company money at a favorable interest rate, or you can buy shares in Monni and become an integrated part of the company’s economic structure.

Whatever track you choose, trust that you’ll reap the financial benefits of our technical knowhow and hands-on experience with the cryptocurrency market.


We want you to get invested – not out of the goodness of your heart, but because it makes good financial sense for you to help us bridge the gap. Apart from considerable returns, we offer you a unique opportunity to diversify your portfolio by investing in a leading digital currency broker with streamlined services and a global scope.

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