Getting back in the game

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At Monni, we are excited to launch our creditcard payment solution once again. In order to get off on the right foot, we are launching this service in a closed BETA Trial. If you want to join our BETA Trial, please fill in your details below and we will send you a confirmation.

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Submitting the form and clicking “Sign Up” you consent to our Terms and Conditions, as well as rules set forth in our Privacy Policy and CDD/AML Policy. You further accept that joining this BETA Trial, might result in a loss of funds due to a malfunction in our systems. During this BETA Trial, you accept that we may make mistakes, that may cost you money and that we will do our best to limit such loss and come up with alternatives. You therefore accept that we will not be liable for ANY potential profit or loss suffered by you or third parties as a result of your order being delayed, receipts containing errors or any other mistakes on our behalf as can be reasonably expected during a beta testing phase.