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About Us

A balanced business in a BOOMING industry

WeMoveCoins ApS is a leading digital currency broker with customers in more than 120 countries around the world. We provide a simple and user-friendly trading platform for customers to buy bitcoins through credit card payments or bank transfers. We also provide digital currency cash-management systems to small entrepreneurial enterprises, enabling them to accept credit card payments on their webshops for instant payouts in the digital currency of their choice.

Established in 2015, WeMoveCoins is based in Copenhagen as part of the entrepreneurial co-working network, Copenhagen Fintech Lab. WeMoveCoins is a family-driven business with members of the Grothe-Møller/Grothe-Eberhardt family occupying key positions within the company. The team is led by Fredrik Grothe-Eberhardt in association with Thorkild Grothe-Møller and currently comprises 8 employees in Denmark and 11 in Bangalore, India.






The (open) secret to our success

irst and foremost, we enable customers to buy digital currency by credit card or bank transfer – seamlessly and with minimal delay. Arguably, a compelling product and supreme customer service are key components to our success, a statement reflected in near to excellent reviews on Trustpilot.
Furthermore, we keep diversified income channels incorporating reliable in-house brands, profitable affiliated partner sites and unmatched merchant solutions.

They’re all part of a well-oiled transactional machinery that includes strong payment facilitators, loyal banking relationships and stable cryptocurrency exchanges. In combination with an outsourced IT group, cloud-hosted servers and well-engineered software solutions that includes state-of-the-art KYC/AML processes, this makes for a strong financial structure that’s both low-cost and scalable.

Cultivating growth through diversity

We recognise the immediate benefits of employing people from different backgrounds and cultures. It brings in fresh ideas and perspectives, helps to broaden our professional profile, and makes it easier for us to engage with customers at a local level – leaving our company with a competitive edge compared to our competitors.

In addition to strong partnerships across Europe, we have customer service and tech development departments situated in Bangalore, India. This global reach enables us to maintain a high service standard. As security against the general volatility of cryptocurrency finance, we promise our customers a 12-hour delivery time, with most orders being processed within 5 minutes – every day of the week. Our geographical spread enables us to deliver on that promise.

Fredrik has a background in finance, legal and business development and holds a degree in Economics from Aalborg University. He was early to join the growing danish and international Bitcoin ecosystem, and started his first Bitcoin business back in 2014. Ever since then, he has been working to make crypto convenient and easy to use. That journey continues till today.

Fredrik Grothe-Eberhardt

CEO, Monni ApS

Thorkild has a background in software development and holds a degree in mechanical engineering from the Danish Technical University (DTU). Thorkild is the managing director of, an IT consultancy company developing and implementing software solutions for national and international companies. A thorough interest in practical implementations of blockchain technology and digital currency for convenient and real life use, is Thorkild’s main fuel and focus at Monni.

Thorkild Grothe-Møller

CTO, Monni ApS

Our Workplace

Monni ApS is operated from its headquarter in Hubstars in the culturally diverse naborhood of Copenhagen, called Nørrebro. Hubstars is an inspiring co-working space dedicated to entrepreneurial companies and we enjoy calling this place our home