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Your gateway to Crypto!

We make it easy, simple and convenient to escape your monetary shackles, and support you on your journey into a new way of financial independence. You control your money, and we never ask for your keys!


Welcome, real change have arrived

Taking your first stride into crypto can be a dawnting and overwhelming task. As Gandalf from Lord of the Rings put it: “With great powers, comes great responsibilities”, the greatest of all perhaps being to hold and be responsible for your own money. Your own keys. 

 We have gathered materials and comprehensive guides, and a kick-ass support team to get you off on the right foot. So take our hand, click the link below and lets get you started.

Beat the Printer!

The old world of central banking and fiat currencies, has keept us a slave for the past centuries. For the first time in history, we as the civil society have a system of money we can finally call our own. The community we have with our friends, family and the people we share the most recent cat-videos with, can suddenly become our monetary network, and enable business and trade, never before thought possible!

At Monni, we help you take the first step


It's a Monni Revolution!


Buy Bitcoin with Credit Card

The option to buy bitcoins with credit card is a simple, fast and secure way to buy bitcoins.

Buy Bitcoin with banktransfer

With Monni you can buy bitcoin and pay with a local, SEPA or wiretransfer at rate of only 2,9%

More Cryptocurrencies!

Has always been a vision. In 2020, we plan to offer trading with Ether, Litecoin and other select crypto. 

Coming in 2020

Private Banking for the Millinial

A bank for the millinial generation is our goal. Generating wealth though crypto is our passion.

Coming Soon

Sell Bitcoin

You can always sell your coins and get money right into your bank account. Try our services today!

Crypto powered Credit Cards

A VISA or Mastercard, where you can decide if you spend your FIAT or crypto. Now that convenience!

Coming soon

Current and Savings account

We will redefine the very definition of money, and offer you one place for your FIAT and crypto assets

Coming soon

E-sports and Gaming

Serving the gaming and virtual asset economy with simple, yet powerfull banking products

Coming soon

Success Stories on Trustpilot

Perfect in the job they do!

No need to follow up for anything. They’re perfect in what they do. Except in some cases when the demand is very high and supply is low and those cases aren’t avoidable. But still we can trust more than 100% in the view that the coins are delivered at the rate when the order is processed. So no risk is involved here. Kudos to you guys, whoever you are!

Vishnu Uppala

Customer at

Excellent Customer Service

The process of purchasing bitcoin is very simple and straightforward. Although I had some issues with one of my purchases, the team is very responsive and quick to address my problem. The rates are from Kraken and the customer service is top class. (I’ve used many other sites to purchase bitcoin, this site was a recent recommendation) Highly recommend using them compared to other sites. Thanks guys again!


Customer at

Reliable and fast service

Swift reply from support of any questions ask.
123bitcoin gets my best of recommendations.

Jakup Pauli Joensen

Customer at, Faroe Islands